The dedicated week to think

and build IMPACT

22 – 26 JUNE 2020

Impact Week is a digital week where you create your own programme to connect, exchange and build through positive impact.
Join digitally and get to know impact leaders, investors and makers that have been working on new and sustainable solutions to address challenges of today and tomorrow.

Design NOW your own

Impact Week

For one week you will have access to a wide range of topics dedicated to the notion of building impact and you will be able to create your own schedule according to your fields of interest.

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Key Topics


Impact Week

Join us to start connecting and exchanging. The BLUMORPHO Team will be here to answer your questions.



What technologies and solutions could be an enabler for a shift towards a more sustainable economy?


Next Generation Internet

In an increasingly digitalized world, what are the real challenges of data sovereignty and human-centric?


Investments & New Business Models

Are New Business Models such as circular economy and sharing economy opening up new paths of investment?


What available technologies can contribute to limiting Covid-19’s transmission and impact?

Where Impact Leaders meet

to further:



Join impact leaders, investors and makers, connect and walk your way through a unique ecosystem



Share your vision and animate your own reflexion for a positive impact and economic recovery



Define actions with a dedicated ecosystem to build a resilient and sustainable future

Discover Start-ups

BLUMORPHO and Partners

NGI LEDGER is dedicated to solving problems and building human-centric solutions using blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. LEDGER is a project funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union, Grant agreement Nº: No. 825268