gateone-project: free evaluation program of demonstrators to manage innovation risk

Gateone-project is an innovation action supported by Horizon 2020 which is designed to accelerate and support the adoption of smart technologies by Small and Medium Size companies, managing the innovation risk. The action started in January 2015 and will last for 3 years, it involves 8 European Research and Technology organisations and BLUMORPHO is Scientific Coordinator. In the frame of gateone-project, our concept is to start from a product idea and move towards the first gate of an innovation cycle involving both an SME and an RTO. The partners of gateone-project will offer to SMEs the opportunity to evaluate their technology with a demonstrator that will be delivered. The investment into a demonstrator can only be done if an SME expresses interest into the technology and the business case is validated.

Access to unique portfolio of smart solutions

Intelligent systems, high connectivity, personalized solution, autonomous systems, robotics… Those solutions and many more are made available to European SMEs through the gateone-project. Whether you are looking for specific smart functions or new solutions in specific industry, gateone-project is here to support you and to help managing the innovation risk.

Collaborate with leading European experts

Join a European network to optimize partnerships and consider financial support so you can optimize and accelerate your innovation process while reducing risks. Demonstrators fitting with your expectations are made available so you can test innovative solutions and define if they meet your requirements.

Gateone innovation risk management

The starting point is Gate zero, with a portfolio of more than 200 ideas or use case. These use cases are supported by advanced state of the art technologies selected for their differentiation, IP and maturity. Our offer is to work with SME to consolidate a business case and develop the necessary demonstration for a “hands-on” experience of the technology. This partnership is free of charge for the SMEs, no investment and no bind attached.

Our action started in January 2015 and will last for 3 years during which, up to 50 demonstrators will be developed.

More than 200 use case are envisaged in a broad range of vertical businesses. The first step to benefit from the gateone support is to contact us and open the discussion on what are the innovation challenges that you are facing for the next 3 years.

The gateone project will produce a total of 50 demonstrators , the first decision of investments have already been taken. To participate to this free evaluation program, contact us.