Fast Track Open Innovation process

At BLUMORPHO we initiate Open Innovation in leveraging on all competences and resources from the labs to all along the value chain to support the emergence of new businesses and solutions. With our Fast Track Open Innovation process, you benefit from state-of-the-art technologies, the most relevant design towards industrialization and production at targeted cost, as well as the consolidation of new business models.

How do we make it happen? We bring more than 20 years of expertise in smart technologies and in business development for customer and investor acquisition. We share the risk with you to commit ourselves in the success of our process and solutions.

The BLUMORPHO Open Innovation Framework uniqueness relies on:

• Our portfolio of smart solutions and technologies developed in leading research organizations, start-ups, SMEs and large companies

• Our unique contacts database all along the value and industrial chain from material, components, systems up to end-users. We operate in more than 24 different vertical businesses

• Our close collaboration with private investors active in smart solutions but also public support to facilitate innovation.

Open innovation, fast track innovation

Fast Track Open Innovation to accelerate innovation while reducing risks

In adopting BLUMORPHO Fast track Open Innovation, you decrease your technical and financial risks.

We create with you and for you the best solutions and product concept with validated industrialization plan. In addition to our Technology Scouting activities, Fast Track Open Innovation provides you access to the requested innovation and competencies with the ability to invest either in a co-development, technology transfer or acquisition up to products purchasing. In Fast track Open Innovation we reduce your investment risks with the implementation of attractive financial schemes.

Fast Track Open Innovation


  • You define your needs and challenges you are facing
  • We work with you on the identification of existing and advanced solutions
  • We select with you the most relevant solutions with technology scouting actions
  • We can create with you the best solutions based on a selection of technologies identified for you
  • We implement relevant financial resources so you get access to solutions with expected maturity
  • Fast track open innovation

    WHY ?

    • To get access to the best solutions fitting in with your expectations in terms of performances and maturity
    • Not only technologies but innovation with structuration of the value chain with a product trajectory and solution focus
    • To accelerate your innovation process in getting access to advanced solutions, competencies and financing
    • To add our expertise in smart technologies and solutions to your team