We are driving Early Stage Research and Innovation programs in a partnering mode with companies ready to enter into breakthrough innovation to be ahead of competition.

Rapid investment decision cycle

Minimum Viable Product to release technical risks

Market education

Business model validation

Full confidentiality

Our lean innovation process

We are collaborating with companies from SMEs, midcaps to large enterprises. Any business that is eager to enter into new innovation schemes to go faster while optimizing internal resources.

Our partnering mode accelerates innovation from idea to first customers in leveraging on Agile processes:

  • First of all, we are thinking and working outside the box. As a result, we are generating creativity within your team to address their innovation challenges under new angles.
  • We are executing lean innovation with a start-up spirit. This process brings a high level of reactivity and adaptation for technical risk release and business model validation.
  • More noteworthy, we are focusing on the fastest path in exploiting available solutions from identified best partners. They dispose of the proven differentiation to be adapted to your own needs and your own organization.
  • We are collaborating in the execution of your innovation strategy in flying under the radar of your competition.

Why collaborating with BLUMORPHO?

Your industry is under mutation, new business models are emerging… you are convinced that it is time for your company to drive its mutation, but…

  • You have limited internal resources to engage into early stage innovation.

Or, have clearly defined new product to be developed but you are…

  • Questioning the business model to adopt.
  • Facing technical challenges and are looking for alternatives approaches.

You need to concentrate your efforts in advanced development…

  • But you want to maintain active in upstream research programs.

You want to collaborate with a valuable and experimented partner, skin in the game with a risk sharing spirit.

BLUMORPHO is driving Early Stage Research and Innovation program in a broad range of industrial fields addressing our partners expectations.
We are also engaging into specific activities addressing in bankable challenges presenting opportunities to introduce disruptive business models :

Better health

Better use of resources

Better production environment

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