BLUMORPHO Factory©: Demonstrators to manage innovation risk

The BLUMORPHO Factory© is co-investing in demonstrators to validate the technical differentiation and accelerate customer acquisition. BLUMORPHO is working in the risky zone of innovation projects and is providing its technical expertise, business intelligence as well as its unique ecosystem to engage with you in reducing the innovation risk in the early stage of your project. The BLUMORPHO Factory© is inherited from the gateone-project, an Innovation Action supported by the European Commission.

Intelligent systems, high connectivity, personalized solution, autonomous systems, robotics… Those solutions and many more are made available. Whether you are looking for specific smart functions or new solutions in a specific industry, the BLUMORPHO Factory© is here to support you and to help managing the innovation risk.

Some cases

Enabling the Internet of Rings

Sport is one of the leading application in wearable devices and the fitness market is a battlefield where small and large actors are entering in a severe competition. Fitness clubs are constantly looking for differentiation and part of the solution relies in the activity trackers and connectivity.
Boxing and martial arts have become an inspiration for fitness clubs. The training methods of Boxing are now adapted to fitness and commercialized under names like bodycombat™ or BodyAttack™.

Electronic innovation in pyrotechnics

The technology will allow F&P Robotics to become a game changer in their industry by providing robots equipped with cost-effective and large area printed pressure sensors which add sensing functionalities, manipulating and correction capabilities to the robots. After a period of 6 months for the industrialization of the sensors, these demonstrators will open new market opportunities for the collaborative robot from F&P robotics, especially human environment and food handling segment.

Deliver selective sensing to vision

The identification of plastic types or ice vs water detection has been demonstrated in the RTO lab and the camera will now follow a test campaign by NIT to explore all the capabilities offered by this camera.
This demonstrator is an addition of 2 high technology building blocks. The next step would then be to move to a higher level of integration with a tunable filter embedded into the camera for a more compact and light-weight version.

Get your clothes connected

Thanks to the photovoltaics technology, the textile company has successfully integrated PV for low power consumption applications in an aesthetic way.
The T-shirts were already successfully demonstrated during the Olympics in Rio. The demonstrator will be used furthermore during the ASTANA EXPO 2017 in the Swiss Pavilion. The ASTANA EXPO will be the first «design win» for the company, up to 300 pieces will have to be delivered. A larger production will require 1-2 years after the end of the project.