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Nano-Beschichtung - Nano-Struktur

BLUMORPHO representing a global mid cap corporation leader in its field, is looking for a material processing solution to treat a damaged porous composite part (ceramic-like). This request for proposal takes place in the early stage of a new product development. A composite system has a core material protected by a hard and thin surface treatment acting as a protective layer. With time, this layer can become locally more porous (µm size pores) and lead to the generation of a fragile volume in the core material. The objective is to repair this volume with the infiltration of a material, this material can be a viscous gel, or a cement-like suspension of nanoparticles.

We are looking for a partner to propose an infiltration process that could pass through the hard barrier and progress in the core. It would permit to repair the material system with minimal or no mechanical action on the surface.  Ideally, a viscous hydrogel must penetrate through the damaged surface and diffuse inside the damaged core. The processing must take place at room temperature; however, it can be activated as long as it remains non-destructive for the existing structure. This can be achieved through chemical, physicochemical or mechanical strategies, other activation means can also be considered.

Core material properties

  • Vickers hardness 40-60HVN
  • Compressive strength 100-300 MPa
  • Porosity
  • Pore size: Micronic size

Protective layer properties

  • Porosity
  • Pore size: Micronic size

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