More than 450 investors in our network

Private investment

BLUMORPHO benefits from a unique investors’ network inherited from Yole Finance activities and composed by more than 300 private investors active in smart solutions investment. BLUMORPHO works with start-ups and SMEs looking for private investment. We support our customers in preparing their fundraising after validating the attractiveness of their development and business plan. BLUMORPHO benefits from a recognized expertise in preparing companies to meet with private investors as illustrated in our references.

Public investment

BLUMORPHO is a spin-off from the COWIN European project. We are the example that public funding permits to reach key milestones to demonstrate added-value and to develop new business models.
BLUMORPHO is working with key partners to identify European and national calls that could support your innovation process. BLUMORPHO can work with you to evaluate opportunities in European Horizon 2020 and Eureka programs.

SMEs can benefit from the gateone-project funded by the European Commission: Learn more about the gateone-project