Blockchain Venture Day
ledger start-ups

A Demo Day of Promising New Technologies

Blockchain / DLT – Data Privacy – Data Sovereignty / Open Innovation
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LEDGER, an EU-funded project, empowers people to solve problems using decentralised technologies such as blockchain, peer to peer or distributed ledger technologies.


LEDGER promotes alternative models where data is a common good owned by citizens and wealth created by data-driven platforms is equally distributed. The Project supports Research and Innovation projects addressing: Privacy-by-design, reliability, trustworthiness and openness as core values.


Health – Mobility – Energy – Sustainability – Economy – Public Services – Open Innovation.


An operating system with combined Online Services for smartphones that are transparent, respect personal data.


Global Passport Project uses Blockchain technology for the protection of human rights in the field of migration.


Recommendations for YouTube users that go around the algorithm so viewers are not influenced.


SafePKT is building an ecosystem primarily targeted at entrepreneurs who want to build an internet business but with the support of a wider ecosystem.


Open Access publishing platform for universities willing to enable researchers to lead the publishing process in a community driven environment.


Eschootul is designed with the latest technology to be an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that responds to the needs of the school. We create the Student’s Digital Report, certifying its value.


LiV is a web app build on blockchain that enables the certification of legal digital generated processes in an automatic way.


BackMe is the key to an additional finance stream for content creators through its online platform and payment tool.


Smart Consent is the most accessible app for informed consent management focused on increasing patient understanding.


PowerMonitor is an open-source device designed to continuously monitor the power quality and energy delivered to a load or power circuit.


AgroXM unique sensor hardware provides hyper local weather data to farmers facilitating the day to day planning while eliminating risk from bad weather conditions.


Comunitaria transform solar energy from the rooftops of deprived neighborhoods into a digital social currency redeemable for fresh food at local designated shops.


ConDIDi a Future-Proof Service for Employee Certification is a platform where providers of employee trainings and certifications can offer their services easily and securely.


Gene Consent is the key to unlock genomic data value. Gene Consent as a genetic data exchange support service, enables privacy-by-design citizen-to-research data consultation.


Fairbnb is a platform for the tourism and vacation rental industry that relies on local communities for guidance and reinvests 50% of its revenues to support local social projects.


moncon secure and process private payments with no sharing any personal data.


Anastasis is a password-less key recovery via multi-factor multi-party authentication.


Nym is developing the infrastructure to prevent data leaks of sensitive data.

LEDGER has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement no 825268. The content of this website does not represent the opinion of the European Union, and the European Union is not responsible for any use that might be made of such content.