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We support early stage companies to reach attractive market and investment readiness maturity to reach the growing phase

BLUMORPHO combines business, sectorial and technical expertise in deep tech as well as breakthrough creativity to design and operate ecosystems accelerating disruption.

We benefit from a unique qualified network of more than 70 000 corporates, 12 000 start-ups and 1 000 investors daily updated. BLUMORPHO works with large organizations, new ventures and emerging companies at global scale in achieving disruptive innovation while addressing the adoption of new technologies, and new business and relevant funding models.

We know the challenges young companies are facing and the importance to reach Key Milestones such as 1M€ revenues to enter into a new growing phase.

The BLUMORPHO Early Stage Program is based on a pay per value model.

We only engage with you after the validation that we can bring high value and business to your company.

BLUMORPHO is your answer

Industrial Partners and Investors are both equally important for any startup's successful development. The BLUMORPHO Team has helped us to find both. Their attention to detail and high professionality is remarkable. If you want to get faster access to the industry and investment opportunities, BLUMORPHO is your answer.
InLable -

Thank you for a terrific opportunity

As a small company, it is difficult, actually quite rare, to have such an early and useful exposure to the European market and people. We were also pleased to find so much expertise in our rather narrow and deep technology field.
Bra-ket Science -

BLUMORPHO is highly recommended!

BLUMORPHO helped to expose CloudBackend to leading industry groups and to initiate direct business dialogues. This way of working offers unprecedented networking and has creates business opportunities fast and in a very professional manner.
Cloudbackend -

There is no doubt that BLUMORPHO has played a major role in the development of QUANDELA with its partners.

I had the pleasure to work with BLUMORPHO that gave me great opportunities to meet and discuss with industry major actors and other small companies like us.

We, at TODOS Technologies, gained a lot from BLUMORPHO

The team's support, guidance, and efforts to understand our market, direct and connect our company to the fitting enterprises, experts and forums gave us the boost and added value that is so needed for a start-up company. We thank them for that and looking forward to working with them in the future.
Todos Technologies -

150 supported startups in the last 2 years

Supported startups in the last 2 years

Very satisfied of BLUMORPHO support

Recommand BLUMORPHO support

In addition, BLUMORPHO has been selected  to provide business and fundraising support to companies selected in European Commission projects.

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Lean & Open Innovation Project Manager

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