We have built our New Product Introduction process in a way to reduce development time, risks, and accelerate market introduction to enable a better return on investment that benefits the whole ecosystem.

The success of our approach rests upon a Lean Innovation process: “Build-Measure-Learn-Achieve” with a business focus on market and customers. This pattern enables BLUMORPHO to keep the client culture vital to the right development of a deep tech project.

It’s essential to know where you want to go, but when it deals with innovation, we all know it does not imply necessarily a straight line. At BLUMORPHO we execute rapid development cycles from innovation inception to first customer acquisition. Based on our unique portfolio of technologies and our large ecosystem, we scope for creation opportunity and confront it with market opportunities and challenges to achieve our common goals.

Our rapid development cycles are always combining 3 pillars for innovation all along the innovation cycle:

  • Validating and strengthening the technical differentiation
  • Business Intelligence, partner commitment and customer acquisition
  • Optimized financing.

Our Lean Innovation process brings value not only to fasten deep tech product development, but also to prepare market introduction, set-up new usage and new business models and develop new markets. Our Lean innovation process is based on concrete actions we are driving to generate new contracts and business for your company.

Contact BLUMORPHO if you want a detailed presentation and work with us on the best solution to answer your needs.