Why and how to crack corporates’ resistance to collaborate with start-ups and to invest in open innovation

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2015: The Beginning

When BLUMORPHO was founded, our mission was to promote a portfolio of technologies and innovation to generate corporate collaboration and investment opportunities. So we faced many challenges we believe you know as well including:

  • Meeting with the right corporates able to see the value behind your solution and beyond the limits of their own short term activity;
  • Staying stuck in the long series of “really interesting solution” meetings without closing the deal;
  • The “Non Invented Here syndrome” while meeting with corporates interested in your solution but not in a collaboration;
  • The need to bring another partner into the deal to address specific challenges whether it concerns industrialization, validation etc…
  • The time and resources needed in business development.

Our track records

2 years later we pivoted to become the trusted partner for corporate innovation.

Monaco Smart Marina 2022 - BLUMORPHO

2022: Today

We are now opening the path to collaboration with corporates. We build up their appetite for open innovation, stimulate ecosystem collaborations and engage them to meet and invest in promising start-ups.

We are structuring an open innovation ecosystem to accelerate innovation adoption by demonstrating market opportunities, promoting companies offering differentiation and attractive value proposition and encouraging collaborations.

Experts in Deep Tech with Positive Impact, we are working with corporates active in:

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