Why and how to crack corporates’ resistance to collaborate with start-ups and to invest in open innovation

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2015: The Beginning

When BLUMORPHO was founded, our mission was to promote a portfolio of technologies and innovation to generate corporate collaboration and investment opportunities. So we faced many challenges we believe you know as well including:

  • Meeting with the right corporates able to see the value behind your solution and beyond the limits of their own short term activity;
  • Staying stuck in the long series of “really interesting solution” meetings without closing the deal;
  • The “Non Invented Here syndrome” while meeting with corporates interested in your solution but not in a collaboration;
  • The need to bring another partner into the deal to address specific challenges whether it concerns industrialization, validation etc…
  • The time and resources needed in business development.

Our track records

Launch and management of COWIN Acceleration program supported by the European Commission from 2010 to 2013

COWIN COWIN was the inception of BLUMORPHO which was founded at the end of this project. 25M€ have been generated by our team for exploitation of research project results, through collaboration and investment.

Launch and management of gateone-project supported by the European Commission from 2015 to 2018

GATEONE BLUMORPHO team supported 57 European SMEs in the development of MVP and validation of market attractiveness. 15M€ have been generated from this 6M€ project supported by the European Commission.

Ante creation of 3 companies from research organizations that have been acquired by large companies

Company creation CNRS spin-off acquired by SOITEC, Fraunhofer spin-off acquired by Heidelberg, BOYDSense an Alpha-MOS spin-off

Collaborations with leading companies to detect collaboration and investment opportunities

Corporate Open Innovation Our action leads to investment in seed to early stage as well as collaborations with business units. Our unique position in working in close collaboration with C-level decision makers makes our actions efficient for all parties.

Detection of innovation adoption opportunities and structuration of relevant ecosystems to ease go to market and access to funding

Ecosystem Building Next generation computing and deep tech, Blue economy, Next generation manufacturing, Impact Week, Digital sessions…

INPHO Venture Summit - Biennial summit since 2008

INPHO Gathering 150+ decision makers in companies, INPHO Venture Summit has adopted “straight forward” and “fruitful” discussions to challenge trends and investment opportunities in Next generation computing and deep tech since its 1st edition.

Actions to promote activities towards Blue Economy - since 2021

Smart Sustainable Marinas & Yachting The Smart & Sustainable Yachting & Marinas represent a multi-billion investment market, with thought leaders sharing the ambition and actions to drive positive impact.

European Projects for Next Generation Manufacturing

DIH² & EARASHI Innovation Actions BLUMORPHO is a partner of DIH2 and Earashi, two Innovation Actions funded by the European Commission to encourage European Resilience in Smart Manufacturing.

Impact Week - An annual action gathering actors working towards a positive impact

Impact Week Impact Week is designed for innovation stakeholders to detect new opportunities of collaboration. It gathers multiple actors from accross all value chains, (corporates, investors, start-ups, organizations...) working together to bring positive impact.

Our series of Catch&Do sessions to discuss hot topics with experts from the industry

Catch&Do Going beyond the well-known Think-Tank concept, Catch&DO by BLUMORPHO is a series of inspiring sessions which invite the audience to shape its mind on key innovative topics. In 2022, 11 sessions have been organized with 21 top notched speakers to bring value to more than 2000 participants.

2 years later we pivoted to become the trusted partner for corporate innovation.

Monaco Smart Marina 2022 - BLUMORPHO

2022: Today

We are now opening the path to collaboration with corporates. We build up their appetite for open innovation, stimulate ecosystem collaborations and engage them to meet and invest in promising start-ups.

We are structuring an open innovation ecosystem to accelerate innovation adoption by demonstrating market opportunities, promoting companies offering differentiation and attractive value proposition and encouraging collaborations.

Experts in Deep Tech with Positive Impact, we are working with corporates active in:

What Our Clients Say About us

To enter in collaboration with leaders in their field

BLUMORPHO helped us as collaboration partner to identify and to select 15 outstanding companies out of over 140 applications to our action. This of course was only possible by utilizing their great industry network and a BLUMORPHO team which supported us to perfectly organize and execute. Following this action, we have closed investment round in Syntiant, and Zapata Computing, 2 companies selected through this process.

Heribert UHL Senior Investment Director

Thanks to the collaboration with BLUMORPHO we have been able to create inside Pfeiffer Vacuum a small start-up to promote a new business model. BLUMORPHO helped us to allocate the right roles among the team members involved. They also assisted us in the elaboration of a new value proposition that we have already tested with large customers. We are now in a larger implementation phase for 2021. I really recommend the Start-up Mode approach by BLUMORPHO.

Eric TABERLET CEO, Pfeiffer Vacuum

We work with them to open new ecosystems outside of our existing networks. Thanks to BLUMORPHO we got in contact with strategically best in class start-ups in Quantum Computing, Blockchain, AI and Cybersecurity. By now, we closed an investment in Cyr3con and have started several collaborations with start-ups that attended the TRUMPF Venture Forums.

Dieter KRAFT Managing Director, Trumpf

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