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BLUMORPHO representing a large company in the industrial sector is looking for strategic partners to reduce the environmental impact of a new range of products.
A complex processing system is implemented in an industrial context. The system is working 24/7 and dissipates a substantial amount of heat.
We are looking for innovative concepts that could enable energy generation from this wasted heat.  In a standard implementation of the product, at least 3 hot spots dissipate a power of 1000W, 2000W and 14 000W. At the moment this energy flows are managed with water circulation. Another share of the dissipated heat (about 500W) is lost by natural convection with an air temperature of 45°C close to the machine.
We are looking for energy harvesting concepts, competencies in thermal simulation and thermal management. The proposed solutions could be based on thermoelectric effects or mini steam turbines but any other efficient solution can be considered. Ultimately, we would like to reduce or suppress the need of water circulation. Apply before February 7th 2020 to be selected for an introduction in early March.
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