Innovation opportunities meeting / coffee call™

Technology broker for innovation, BLUMORPHO has identified techno & market opportunities that we would like to introduce you.

We just need about 10 minutes for a first introduction level of innovation opportunities we have identified for you.

10 minutes is the average time for a coffee break. Just combine your coffee break with a discussion with us, and you have a BLUMORPHO coffee call.  If you wish to know more about the selection done for you, just book your coffee call.

What is a coffee call™?

  • A specific discussion: we focus on your field of interest
  • An interactive session: we share opportunities and answer your question
  • An efficient discussion: we are to the point so you gain in time
  • A break…through: we are sharing new concept, new opportunities you might not have considered yet
  • Dynamism: like caffeine, our call optimizes levels of wakefulness

Why a coffee call™?

  • The simplest way to answer is to invite you to test your first coffee call.
  • Booking a coffee call™ does not limit us to meeting you in dedicated meetings, conferences and organizing visits.
  • A coffee call™ is facilitating first level interactions with you

To book your meeting