Opportunities meeting for Innovation at Process Level

With the mission to facilitate innovation in gathering a portfolio of added-value solutions bringing differentiation, BLUMORPHO would like to introduce you different advanced technologies to strengthen differentiation and generate value.

The trend
Smart, power management and imaging solutions represent a growing market. As example cameras are evolving with more functions integrated at chip and packaging level.
Innovative process optimizing development and production cost are key for the growth of these markets.

The selected solutions
Dedicated to support value creation, BLUMORPHO is collaborating with companies providing appropriate wafer processing and bonding technics. They are offering partnering in development and production services to set-up differentiation at production level.
Such collaborations make possible to develop innovation at various scales.

    • Innovative substrate and materials.
      Such wafer processing partnership permits to consider the use of emerging materials and substrates. For example, they offer wafer processing steps on bulk PZT which brings differentiation in applications like sensors, energy harvesters and IR detectors when combined to the appropriate wafer bonding technique to form a hybrid wafer.
    • Support the development of back side illumination
      Yole Développement analysis shows that for CMOS Image Sensors, the typical capping substrate is expected to shrink with time (source: Permanent Wafer Bonding report Yole Développement 2013).
      BLUMORPHO is facilitating access to competencies in grinding, thinning and Taiko process to support this technical trend. Dedicated fusion bonding technics can be combined with these wafer processing steps to ensure a relevant process.
  • Support Wafer Level Packaging at camera module level
    Smart pixels and smaller modules are expected.
    Those technical challenges can be overcome at process level with smarter packaging solutions. BLUMORPHO facilitates access to process development partners offering a broad range of bonding and 3D stacking solutions. It includes Cu thermo fusion bonding, glass frit, eutectic and anodic bonding.

To know more about those opportunities, and define how they address your field of activities, book your coffee call. A Coffee Call is free of charge. BLUMORPHO team will be pleased to support your value creation process by innovation adoption.

The market opportunity
Imaging and sensors represent a high growth potential as illustrated in Yole Développement report – Status of the CMOS Image Sensor Industry 2014

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