Innovation opportunities meeting / coffee call™ for FUNDING

BLUMORPHO is a designer of the smart innovation ecosystem. In order to accelerate the innovation cycle, we are combining our matching process between technology holders and innovation adopters with access to relevant funding.

Innovation is an opportunity but also a risk. BLUMORPHO actions are dedicated to reduce both market, operational and financial risks related to innovation. For technologies part of our portfolio, we can support you to leverage on private and public funding to accelerate your innovation process.

BLUMORPHO has a network of more than 600 private investors. We are also facilitating access to public funding. As you might know, the European Commission has recently opens more than 70 calls.

During our Coffee Call, we can detect opportunities including in funding to support your innovation process in smart solutions from connected devices, industrial instrumentation, mobility and many more.

Do not spend more time in reading what we can do for you, just book your Coffee Call. You will learn more in a 10 minutes discussion with us.

To book your meeting


In a few minutes and through a phone or a web-meeting, we will share with you innovation opportunities we have identified for you.