Health Data Transaction

Health Data Transaction

Health Data Transaction in Europe: what is the model?
Seye Abogunrin – Roche & Iñaki Gutierrez Ibarluzea – BIOEF
July 27th, 10.00 am CEST


Economic players in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, mobilize to produce a reusable protective mask to fight against Covid-19.

A group of economic players from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, comprising the CEA, large companies, SMEs, institutions and local authorities, under the coordination of the Grenoble-based VOC-COV collective, has been working since March 16 on the design and large-scale deployment of a reusable mask.

Called “OCOV®”, this mask developed and produced in record time, is economical, long-lasting and can be manufactured in large quantities. Reusable up to 100 times thanks to its five washable and interchangeable filters, its cost is very competitive. A pre-series of 5,000 units of this first version is now being manufactured. The production capacity target is 1 million masks per week during May, i.e. a production exceeding 5 million by the end of June (the equivalent of 500 million disposable masks today). 130,000 masks are already reserved today.

Unlike an FF (Face Filter) P1 or P2 type filter made of filter material only, “OCOV®” is an FM (Face Mask) P1 or P2 type mask that includes a flexible face piece that covers the nose, mouth and chin, as well as reusable and replaceable filters. The loss rate required by the FM standard is 5 times lower than the FF standard (<2% for FM and <8% for FF filters). The soft face piece conforms to the shape of the face and therefore minimizes the leakage rate compared to FFP1 or FFP2 filters or other washable masks. It ensures a good seal between the surrounding atmosphere and the user’s face (whether the skin is dry or wet and when moving the head).

Join the #UnitedAgainstCovid19 Initiative

We encourage you to showcase your solutions to contribute to help citizens and health organizations in the fight against Covid-19.  Your solutions will be evaluated by EuroScan international networks members and cooperation partners from Health Authorities and experts to disseminate and facilitate their use. 

Leti Innovation Days

On June 28 and 29, the Leti Days celebrating LETI 50 years were gathering innovation players in Grenoble, France. Among them, BLUMORPHO.
The 700 participants and 20 keynote speakers coming from Horiba, Renault, Engie or the European Commission are attesting the success of the event celebrating the 50 years of LETI in Grenoble, France. On the 29, the space was divided in 3 routes: The Digital Revolution; The Environmental Transition; New Frontiers for Healthcare.

EU gateone-project helps the European industry mitigate risks when adopting disruptive technologies

BLUMORPHO, an innovation and business accelerator for companies involved in smart technologies, today announces that its EU-backed gateone-project has overseen the fast-track development of 35 innovation projects since the three-year program began in 2015. These include Swiss-based F&P robotics’ flexible pressure sensors on its humanoid robot – recognized for its high agility, French-based itk’s IoT solutions for improved crop management and German-Serbian Nissatech’s smart knee sensor to rehabilitate patients following knee surgery.

INPHO Venture Summit: Industry leaders insights on emerging new economies and opportunities in our fast-changing digital world

The face-off between investors and global industry players on key market issues in datacom/telecom, mobility, energy management, and personalized medicine, as well as disruptive technologies.

The largest European business enters into Smart Innovation

he largest European business is entering into Smart Innovation and digitization. More than 35 products addressing the digital and smart market are currently under validation for the first market introduction by 2017.

Those new generation smart products are addressing the 54B€ connected devices market expected in 2020 (source Yole Développement) in targeting more than 7 different industrial fields from the consumer market to security, digital medicine, energy efficiency, smart manufacturing, smart cities and also the agriculture industry. With the first investment of 1,3 M€ funded directly by the European Commission, 200M€ cumulative sales are expected in the 5 years to come.