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Thank you for your interest in BLUMORPHO Fast Track Open Innovation service. In order to enter into the process and propose your solution to this leading industrial company, please fill in this form. We will contact you shortly to share with you information on conditions of BLUMORPHO actions and on the specifications expected by this industrial company.

  • You would like to submit your competencies in algorithmics for sensor signature analysis and classification. Could you please describe your key know-how in this area? (reference use case / publication)

BLUMORPHO accelerates Innovation

We are Innovation and Business Maker

We are working with research organizations, start-ups, SMEs and large corporates to generate business opportunities in an open innovation framework. Our process is designed to reduce technical, market and financial risks. Based on our industrial contacts network, we are identifying industrial needs, validating their investment capacity and commitment to select a solution in a short timeframe. We are working in close collaborations with our clients to serve the industrial needs identified in bringing our technical, market and industrial expertise.

To know more

BLUMORPHO has set-up Fast Track Open Innovation and Lean Innovation Processes that speed-up access to innovation and customers development.
Our processes are based on our structuration of a Smart Marketplace built on an unique portfolio of smart technologies and solutions as well as a large and qualified industrial network. We are generating qualified leads for partnerships and business collaborations.

Our service offers multiple benefits to Innovation Providers:
• With our support, our clients reduce the time and resources required to enter into discussion and collaboration with their future partners and customers.
• We are bringing our expertise to validate that their solution fits with the need expressed before engaging further into the process.
• We are working on the documentation to present their offer matching with the request expressed.
• Innovation providers receive concrete feedback on their offer positioning in the competitive landscape based on potential customers analysis
• With a first feedback given by qualified industrial leads, but also detailed specifications under NDA, a fruitful discussion and collaboration can be set-up with our support.

This request for solution is an opportunity to benefit from BLUMORPHO customers development support.

You can also benefit from the COme to WIN service: BLUMORPHO will conduct proactive leads qualification and customers acquisition through annual subscription.

Our COme to WIN subscribers are the first informed on the needs expressed by qualified industrial  needs through our Fast Track Open Innovation process.

For more information on COme to WIN service, please contact Géraldine Andrieux Gustin :