0 new solutions presenting disruptive approach

Confidential Partner


A leading industrial company is launching a high-risk level innovation program. This program address breakthrough innovation to lead the new wave of innovation impacting existing business models at the industry level. This innovation program represents high-risks in term of investment and execution.
Our action was to support the execution of this program in building a strong IP portfolio while setting up strategic collaborations. The objective was to be ahead of competition on this strategic field while maintaining full confidentiality of the program.

BLUMORPHO approach

We are partnering with this leading company to bring new approaches with lower technical and business risk.The objective is to secure the technical feasibility of this breakthrough innovation program while considering solutions outside of this leading company’s scope of work.While keeping full confidentiality of the project, BLUMORPHO research team has driven technology scouting and technical solutions sourcing after having analyzed and identified the key specifications to address in priority.
We leverage on our unique and broad ecosystems gathering research organizations, start-ups and large corporations as well as our expertise and start-ups mindset to reach results in short time frame.


In less than 3 months, we have identified 15 new solutions presenting disruptive approach with already proven concept. Our action led to new strategic collaborations that are very promising to reduce the risks surrounding this strategic breakthrough innovation project.

We were quite surprised by BLUMORPHO’s impact to address our specific challenges

In a very short time, BLUMORPHO identified for us 15 new solutions not visible in our own technical watch. Our product development team has deep dive into a specific selection. Today, we are actively working on solutions that are very promising in terms of opportunities for our company. We see high opportunity to totally change and simplify our technical process. With BLUMORPHO confidential activities, we can drive disruption projects we could not run within our organization. We can stay under the radar while generating high value for our strategic projects.
Confidential Partner - Associate Vice President, Head of Research & Early Stage Development