Bosch Venture Forum 2018 – Next Generation Computing

The Bosch Group is welcoming collaborations with start-up companies developing and providing innovative solutions in Next Generation Computing. The superior progress of semiconductor technology following Moore’s Law in combination with exponential progress in communication & software technologies enabled the “Digital Age”.

Digitization, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence are examples of new economic models pushing the electronic industry to reach further progress in computing performance; while the Moore’s Law will very likely reach economic and quantum mechanical limits. In such context, the Bosch group has decided to dedicate the Bosch Venture Forum 2018 to Next Generation Computing.

Start-up companies that will disrupt the High-Performance Computing are invited to apply for the Bosch Venture Forum 2018 that will be hold in Stuttgart, Germany on the 17th and 18th of July 2018.

Selected companies will have the unique opportunity to meet with Robert Bosch Venture Capital team and business units of the Bosch Group through one to one meetings dedicated to set-up collaboration roadmap.

Companies which successfully applied to the event will have the opportunity to collaborate with the Bosch Group:

Partnering with the Bosch Group and its tier suppliers
Development cooperation
Minority equity investment by Robert Bosch Venture Capital
Building customer-supplier relationships
Marketing & support for national / international roll-out

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