Seares srl


Problem solved:

Seares is solving two concrete problems for shipowners and professionals regarding moorings:
• stability and integrity thus comfort on-board;
• solve the energy needs, by keeping the onboard batteries charged or powering the IoT monitoring of the integrity of the mooring.

Solution description:

Seares developed its own international patents embodied in the Seadamp® product line, a range of hydraulic and mechatronic dampers for marine application, combining their unique design with high-grade technical characteristics. The Seadamp concept represents a solution to the specific needs of the leisure and industrial segment, the first being oriented to boat owners and captains, the latter to builders and operators of Marinas and commercial ports, aquaculture and offshore renewable energy.


We have 6 international patents, some of them already granted in Europe and USA for instance. We used an Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) that led us to mechatronic technology products that we market (TRL 9) in the SuperYacht (>700 GT) mooring market.

Targeted markets:

The customer segments for the products in the standard Seadamp® versions are mainly boatowners and captains of yachts, boats and small pleasure boats. We are present in Europe and are expanding our business abroad.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of your solution:

Seares is the unique solution present on the market able to solve the mooring problems. Stability, safety, on board comfort, silence and green energy production.
Seares offers solutions to guarantee integrity, safety and live monitoring, produce green energy also, making the energy transition real.

Business model:

The main business model for the Leisure sector is B2B sales to distributors. For the industrial markets, it is B2B as well, focused on large projects. In both cases, revenues generated by selling products are complemented by selling services

Expected Collaboration:

What we expect is to broaden our visibility, to make some networking with strategic partners and potetial investors as well.