27 January 2022

A Manifesto to reinforce the European Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies Ecosystem with Relevant Financing

The objective of this manifesto is to point out the opportunities present in the vibrant European blockchain ecosystem and to encourage the European Commission and the European Investment Fund to increase their financial support to the European blockchain ecosystem by strengthening its collaboration with European private investors especially those that are active in Blockchain and DLT.

Emerging technologies like blockchain are enabling new functionalities and paving the way to new services and new business models. The added value of Blockchain and DLT and the differentiation they bring are a hot topic of discussion and debate and it is through asking the right ques¬tions that this Manifesto came to fruition. The accelerated digitization of industries and the growth of data business have highlighted Blockchain and DLT as key technologies to rise up to the challenge of Europe’s sovereignty. It is crucial to create the conditions for their efficient deployment thanks to an attractive ecosystem.

The development of blockchain can be likened to the growth of the internet; both are protocols for interchange, both process and deliver information, both enable the exchange of value at a global scale and both of their beginnings were shrouded in a mix of mystery and excitement. The internet has resulted in web businesses and new industries led by GAFAM. As part of its research and innovation strategy, Horizon 20201, the European Commission has qualified blockchain as part of the Next Generation Internet. The comparison of DLT and internet calls for us to pay specific attention to ensure Europe will drive the next data business disruption especially in relation to data protection and sovereignty since these are key parts of Europe’s values and strategy.


BLUMORPHO Blockchain DLT Manifesto

Blockchain Venture Day

Blockchain is more than a technology, it is opening up a completely new economy full of opportunities whose potential is still to be exploited.

On December 2nd 2021, a unique ecosystem supported by the European Commission, corporates, investors, entrepreneurs and institutions gathered to discuss the opportunities blockchain brings for business and how to channel private equity in the European blockchain ecosystem.

The Blockchain Venture Day was designed to challenge a key question: “Where does Blockchain create value?”

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The Investor Taskforce 2021

Blockchain’s strengths – traceability, security, immutability of transactions, optimi¬sation of processes, network mindset (a revolutionary way of sharing information) – are proving to be a new way to create trust and to restore Europe’s data sovereignty and that of its citizens.

Knowing this, European VC firms are playing an important role in boosting the European blockchain ecosystem, by supporting the emergence of new European Champions introducing radically new business models. The cards are in Europe’s favour as VCs and the European blockchain ecosystem have the technical know-how and the investment expertise to push and develop new ventures for the world of tomorrow.

Balder Bomans

Chief Investment Officer
Maven 11 Capital

Balder has a rich traditional financial markets background including a considerable amount of experience trading European cash equities and therefore brings extensive knowledge in the fields of trading strategies and risk management.


Dermot O'Riordan

Eden Block

Dermot has spent his career working at the intersection of governance, investment, and technology. Board member for the ICE List, the European community for leaders in tech. He is passionate about competitive strategy, incentives design, and governance in blockchain networks.


Dominic Briggs

General Partner
Blockwall Capital

Also a co-Founder of the Blockchain Research Institute Europe, Dominic has a passion for venture capital, supporting entrepreneurs and innovation, especially in Europe with a clear focus on investing in blockchain technology and complementary deep techs.

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Patrick Lord

Project Development Officer
Truffle Capital

Former M.D. and Program Manager at QuantumWave Capital, Patrick has extensive experience as an Entrepreneur-Consultant in digital, web and mobile M&A. He has also had leading strategy and business transformation experience at Accenture and A.T. Kearney, London.


Dr. Juri Stricker

Tech Partner & M.D.
Signature Ventures

Tech Partner and Managing Director, Juri has a strong technical and scientific background in statistics and computer science which lead him to discover Bitcoin and blockchain technology early on.


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