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This process is providing its users’ solutions to protect the data generated by their exploitation systems even in case of a power shutdown. To do so, it is associating an external capacitor with their proprietary non-volatile SRAM. However, the ambition was to deliver a stand-alone solution that would integrate the energy storage in the package. This co-packaging approach can only be made possible if a very high-density capacitor is available. This new version also permits full compliance of the pinout with the market standards.

Electronic innovation in pyrotechnics

Pyrotechnical applications are widely used in the areas of security, safety, industrial environments and are very common in airbags. Data sterilization is one of the applications targeted. A Surface Mountable component would be of great help to permit the physical destruction of sensitive storage devices. Those high ends Memories would be used in critical applications in businesses where knowledge management is strategic.

Monitoring of windmill bearings

The smartization of the bearings is the current innovation path. The objective is to integrate some health monitoring into the bearing. The solution is done through autonomous sensor nodes for temperature, stress and vibration measurements, including the wireless operation of the sensor nodes that need to work in hostile and hard to access environments.