When it comes to innovation and disruption, start-ups are one of the best partners to collaborate with. In the last decade, the start-up scene has continuously expanded. Many start-ups are active and the challenge is not identifying them but to find the best in-class start-ups to collaborate with. The best-in-class start-ups offer the right differentiation to generate a value proposition in line with your own business and goals. Such a condition leads to attractive synergies and relevant collaborations. This what we are aiming to achieve at BLUMORPHO.

BLUMORPHO approach

We are collaboration with leading companies in the setting-up their collaboration with best-in-class start-ups in:

– Using our unique ecosystem of start-ups network and external database
– Identifying and assessing companies presenting attractive differentiation and potential for value proposition through industrial collaborations
– Pre selecting potential attractive partners to deep dive into their solutions
– Preparing both parties for discussion highlighting major assets to build attractive collaborations
– Organizing meetings and interactions.

In the scope of our action, we can also organize Meeting Days like Disruption Days or Innovation Days to facilitate interactions and discussions. It can be part of our process.


96% of our actions lead to collaborations.

BLUMORPHO is a partner of the TRUMPF Group

We work with them to open new ecosystems outside of our existing networks. Thanks to BLUMORPHO we got in contact with strategically selected best in class start-ups in Quantum Computing, Blockchain, AI and Cybersecurity. By now, we closed an investment in Cyr3con and have started several business collaborations with start-ups that attended the TRUMPF Venture Forums.
Dieter KRAFT - Managing Director at TRUMPF Venture