Detection and Classification of Particles in Liquid Drug Product

In the current state of the art, the inspection technique is based on line camera and image analysis. 100% of the production is inspected with a minimum speed of 600 containers per minute. Each container is filled with 3ml of a water-based drug product.

Datasets generation and annotation

Multiple use cases are considered by our client, the final image to be analysed can be produced from a smartphone or an embedded camera into a consumer product. Each use case could generate specific constraints that will require a dedicated dataset.

Antimicrobial touch surface

We are looking for solutions that can be applied to both soft and hard touch surfaces. The substrates for surface treatments can be metal, plastic, glass, wood, leather or textiles including non-woven fabrics.

TRUMPF Sustainable Technologies

The TRUMPF Group is looking for collaborations with start-ups developing or providing innovative solutions in sustainable technologies and smart factory, including the evolution from hardware to services businesses.

MtoM payment

This open call is the first phase of a selection process that will lead you to an industrial partnership. At this stage, no confidential information should be shared. After the closing of the call, a shortlist of candidates will be selected before February 18th.

Advanced traceability solutions

BLUMORPHO is looking for the strategic partners that will implement an advanced traceability solution.

Detection of the status of vacuum lines

BLUMORPHO is mandated to identify a solution to monitor the status of vacuum lines…

Low expansion coefficient cast iron for high temperature operation

BLUMORPHO is looking for the strategic partners to enable a transformation towards a lower environmental impact.

Cooling process – Energy harvester

A global supplier of industrial equipment is looking for its strategic partners to enable a transformation…

Smart connected system

We are looking for hardware and software solutions to implement connectivity and machine learning algorithms…