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Join an attractive growing market in meeting with customers and investors looking to invest in smart and sustainable technologies from Smart Marinas to Smart Cities.

Bernard d’Alessandri, General Director of Monaco Yacht Club interviewed by Richard Attias, Executive Chairman of Richard Attias and Associates at Tourism Recovery Summit – Riyadh, May 2021

At BLUMORPHO we are very honored to collaborate with Monaco Marina Management, organizer of the Smart Yachting & Marina day of meetings. This action is dedicated to bring together key players, investors, developers, manufacturers and innovators to promote development of eco-responsible, efficient, attractive and user-friendly marinas that are also lively places where people want to be.

Supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the event is being hosted by Yacht Club de Monaco, a platform to promote and communicate initiatives in favour of an approach to yachting that fully respects the environment, both at sea and ashore

As innovation provider you can benefit from a 3 levels business development package:

☑ Be selected to be included into the Smart Yachting and Marina e-catalog promoted to more than 10 000 players on the Yachting and Marina’s industry.

☑ Be introduced to selected targeted customers and investors part of the Smart Yachting & Marina to receive feedback on your solution.

☑ A chance to be part of the 15 companies selected for the Grand Oral for the selection of the 3 most promising Awarded companies.

Information Web-session #1

June, 4th


Information Web-session #2

June, 17th


High selection & visibility

The initial application is open to all and will be evaluated by a panel of key industrial leaders, VCs, Monaco Yacht Club, Monaco Principality and Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

Easy process

A selection of min. 50 technology providers will be showcased within the Monaco Smart Yachting & Marina 2021 E-catalogue addressed to more than 10,000 decision makers of the Monaco Yacht Club ecosystem - A participation of €500 will be requested to selected companies.

Get introduced to 3 Jury members at your own choice

All the companies listed in the E-catalogue will select 3 jury members at their own choice and will receive feedback to further build collaboration and raise capital.

The Awards Ceremony on September, 20th

Value your differentiation: Be part of the 15 finalists joining Grand Oral to win the €5000 Award Prize at Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marinas convention on the 20th of September. Engage with Monaco Principality players and other Marinas.

Monaco Smart MARINA 2021 Process(2)

The Smart and Sustainable Yachting and Marinas represent a multi-billion investment market driven by high eco consciousness and for which many innovations and circularity are expected including in water management, data security, energy generation and management…

Smart Marinas as a role model towards Smart city – Leverage and build your business

We are really pleased to introduce you to this new initiative in the field of Smart and Sustainable Cities. After a deep analysis of the Smart City market, we came to the conclusion that Smart Cities business will be driven by sustainability challenge and will grow from niche markets with real investment capabilities. We are thus very excited to join a new initiative dedicated to invest in Smart and Sustainable Yachting and Marinas, playing a role model in the implementation of Smart and Sustainable cities.

At BLUMORPHO we are very honored to support the emergence of this market through a world class and unique ecosystem while structuring the full innovation value chain. Through this initiative you will be able to connect with your upcoming customers and investors, to convince them about market opportunity, your unique value proposition and differentiation.

Contact us for more information:

Ermira VODO
Lean & Open Innovation Manager

Join our information web session on 4th or 17th of June 2021.

EU Innovation Radar prize: brain keeps on winning on Artificial Intelligence

BLUMORPHO Innovation Accelerator and its Partner CEA-LETI received the “Best Early Stage Innovation” prize for their new generation of MagnetoEncephaloGraphy (MEG)The final vote for the EU Innovation Radar 2017 took place during the ICT’s Proposers Day in Budapest on 9th November. The quantum MEG technology is a real breakthrough innovation in Brain imaging. It has been developed in the framework of the Gateone-project, one of the first BLUMORPHO’s innovation acceleration program.

Smart4Europe: Catalysing Digitisation throughout Europe

6 September 2017

Smart 4 Europe is the new Coordination and Support Action set up to reinforce Digitisation in Europe and to strengthen the outreach of the European Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative. As one of the main European Innovation accelerator, BLUMORPHO is part of the consortium driving the project and firmly committed to make it a success.

Smart 4 Europe main objective is to create an Innovation Portal as a central contact point for digitisation in Europe, a one-stop-shop helping to build a global ecosystem to stimulate growth.

Leti Innovation Days

On June 28 and 29, the Leti Days celebrating LETI 50 years were gathering innovation players in Grenoble, France. Among them, BLUMORPHO.
The 700 participants and 20 keynote speakers coming from Horiba, Renault, Engie or the European Commission are attesting the success of the event celebrating the 50 years of LETI in Grenoble, France. On the 29, the space was divided in 3 routes: The Digital Revolution; The Environmental Transition; New Frontiers for Healthcare.

Better production environment

BLUMORPHO enables the digitization of any kind of industry in addressing key challenges such as cybersecurity, pyrotechnics or bearings