Challenge3: Circular design

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Expertise in the circular products design
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Joining/Assembly for hard plastics and metals
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Key Milestones

1. Apply before September 16th 2021

Please complete the application form before September 16th 2021 to get selected. This open call is the first phase of a selection process that will lead you to an industrial partnership. At this stage, no confidential information should be shared. After the closing of the call, a shortlist of candidates will be selected.

2. Selection Process

Your application will be carefully reviewed by our team and some pre-selected companies will be invited to send a more detailed presentation.

3. Introduction

Selected companies will be introduced to the partner.

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Detail of this challenge

The strategy of our customer is to evolve from a linear to a circular value chain. It requires a change of paradigm in design to enable a take-back process of  products from point of use to recycling.

Textile being considered as obvious, for this challenge we are looking for design experts or design concepts to develop « fit for circular » products our of plastics and metal. 


  • – Fit for circular: we are looking for expertise to support our customer in the design principles to develop circular products
  • – Joining/assembly for hard plastics and metals: we are looking for technologies or mechanical concepts which will enable easy, tool-less assembly, ensures a sturdy connection over the lifetime of the products and allows easy disassembly of metal and/or plastic parts