“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic” 

By Arthur C. CLARKE

At BLUMORPHO, we make the magic happen.


The BLUMORPHO team has been working in innovation for more than 20 years. We enjoyed the enthusiasm and faced the challenges, the unknow, the unexpected, before reaching the magic. We have wandered all this way to finally become what we are today: The Agile Innovation Accelerator in deep tech, with Lean and Open innovation for DNA. We are makers, which means that our values include creativity and knowledge sharing, but above all perseverance, always looking further.

BLUMORPHO is operating at the major critical steps, when the technical differentiation must absolutely be demonstrated, the market must be educated, and revenues are not yet generated. These early steps are indeed perilous and we are engaging ourselves working with entrepreneurs and innovators to reach their objectives and generate value.

We are working with entrepreneurs and innovators to reach their objectives and generate value.

From inception to client acquisition.

Overcoming innovation challenges requires an elevated level of agility and proven processes to start from inception to client acquisition. With our knowledge of the actual stakes and our solid expertise we can bring you the match you’re looking for. It has been proven with the 46 demonstrators that we’ve built along the gateone-project or the innovative projects we ran with great corporations. Added to BLUMORPHO’s business intelligence and large portfolio of technologies, we support efficiently the success of deep tech projects and disruptive innovation.

Our European background gives us a strong territorial anchorage meanwhile our network is spread all over the world. This is due to our ability to design ecosystems for each project we are active on. The consequences are to the advantage of our partners and clients, and this is part of our strong added-value. We identify fresh solutions, always thinking outside the box while focusing on cost to design, industrialization for a faster market introduction. We make the difference, we make the magic happen.

The BLUMORPHO team is looking forward to further and successful collaboration with you.


BLUMORPHO’s story has begun in 2010. It has been supported by the European Commission through the COWIN project between 2010 and 2014, already led by the managing tandem: Géraldine Andrieux and Régis Hamelin. During this period, we have been working with a portfolio of orphan techs, creating €25 million euros of investment opportunities. The creation of BLUMORPHO is deeply part of this success story.
But before that, our team has spent 20 years working in innovation. After this experience in various fields, the BLUMORPHO team gathered up and shared their background. This diversity gives us a large technical landscape that goes from microelectronics to smart systems, with an entrepreneurial spirit, strong marketing skills, ecosystem management and an ability for the technical development.

We experienced challenges ourselves. We have been launching innovative technologies and creating new solutions when they were needed, even developed new markets. And no matter what kind of organization you are, we are completely committed to your success. Our team shows the highest respect for the ones who have made the choice to go for innovation. Whereas experiencing it for decades, we identified the necessity for a new player. And that is how BLUMORPHO was born.
After we have created BLUMORPHO, the trust of the European Commission has been rapidly followed by many leading research organizations, start-ups, large corporations and investors making BLUMORPHO a new player and key partner for deep tech. And this is because we gathered best practices and identified favorable conditions. We have thus defined our own practices and action to support the innovative process to become BLUMORPHO, the Agile Innovation Accelerator in deep tech, with Lean and Open innovation for DNA.